4 Ways Mobile Communication Helps Improve Member Experience
How do you proactively engage members and steer them away from expensive ER visits?
$141K potential savings found in pharmacy costs for a client
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Price Transparency: MRFs and Cost Estimator Tool - Is this another headache, or an opportunity?




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Moving from MRFs to Cost Estimator Tool: How Plans Should Prepare

Join LaunchPad Health and zakipoint Health on Tuesday, July 26th at 2 pm to learn how you can successfully prepare to launch your cost estimator tool while integrating various data elements.

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Can digital tools assist in helping you prepare your clients for Price Transparency regulations?

ValueHealth Benefit Administrators and zakipoint Health invite you to an upcoming webinar on June 28, at 2 pm to present and discuss their joint price transparency solution. This webinar will answer any and all questions on how digital tools can help you navigate the upcoming regulations.

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Workshop: Rate files and the price transparency tool - practical tips for implementing and making money.

Clients are aware of the fines and expectations of price transparency and are still unwilling to pay the requirements. Join LaunchPad Health and zakipoint Health on June 3rd to learn how to implement the rate files and pricing transparency tool, and to see a solution in action!

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Price Transparency - are you compliant yet or know how to go about it?

Value Health Benefit Administrators in collaboration with their partner zakipoint Health is pleased to invite you to a webinar on the latest successful solutions and approaches in preparation for the upcoming price transparency legislation. Join us on April 21, 2022!

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How to drive impact from DPC programs?

Did you know that a DPC is central to closing gaps in care along with helping you lower costs and achieve better health outcomes by lowering risks? Join us for a 45-minute webinar on March 3rd at 2pm EST to hear Mark Blum, CEO of SolidaritUS Health as we cover how to drive impact from DPC programs.

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How reporting and member outreach work hand in hand to create an ultimate experience for your customers?

Do you want to combine actionable insights with member communication? Do you wish there was a better way to engage your customers and collaborate with them on managing costs and risks? Join us on February 2nd at 1 pm to hear Brian Cavallo from Ultrabenefits speak about delivering a superior member experience with more mobile communication.

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How to deliver a good multitouch mobile member experience that successfully steers right members to the right place, at the right time?

Do you want to learn how to deliver a good multitouch mobile member experience that successfully steers right members to the right place, at the right time? Come to the webinar event December 9th at 11am to hear Ken Uveges from Blue Water Benefits Administrators and Jim Senge from Ebix tackle this subject.

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Managing healthcare costs through actionable insights

It takes forever to put together a report that is simple, visual, actionable that provides guidance to the HR director or CFO looking to manage healthcare costs. On June 23, 2021, Brian Cavallo from UltranBenefits and Ramesh Kumar from zakipoint Health will take you through their IACT process to show you how simple it is to use healthcare data to tell stories and engage customers in strategic conversations.

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How to identify gaps in care and high-risk cohorts, and reach out to members to close these gaps?

Join us on April 27th for a webinar where we are bringing together two industry experts (Ramesh Kumar from zakipoint Health and Dallas Scrip from Benefit Management LLC) to share their knowledge on how to identify gaps in care and high-risk cohorts, and reach out to members to close these gaps.

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How can Direct Contracts Deliver Cost Containment?

We partnered with Benefit Management LLC to discuss how to use direct contracts, and how customers are tying in member navigation and customer service to support these contracts. Learn how you can grow your business with direct contracts today!

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How do you proactively steer and support members to appropriate places of care on a RBP plan?

Have you been afraid to present Reference Based Price (RBP) plans to self-insured employers? Are these HR folks concerned? We brought together two experts to share with you how RBP with a strong member experience can address fears of HR teams at these self-insured employers.

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Can Technology Empower Members to Control Healthcare Costs?

Do you know how to deliver a good member experience that effectively steers your members to right places of healthcare? zConnect is a mobile app that empowers members to find the best providers, understand their healthcare options, and is the single source of truth for accessing information with Benefit Management, LLC.

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Visual storytelling of data helps a large supermarket client with strategic decisions
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Managing healthcare costs through actionable insights
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Here at zakipoint Health we help you understand the key drivers of rising employer healthcare expenses and population risk, and how to mitigate these risks. See how we can help you see clearly, drive action, and save money.


The Future of Healthcare: Virtual Primary Care

One year ago, our world changed due to the COVID-19 virus. While we’ve faced multiple challenges and obstacles as a nation with social distancing, promoting telemedicine and other remote health services...

Tackling the Member Experience

Calling all TPAs: Do you lack the ability to identify and manage what’s driving your clients’ rising healthcare costs? We know you want to be proactive, but you need insights, actionable data, and a way to engage members...

Moving from MRFs to Cost Estimator Tool: How plans should prepare

Implementing TPA's arbitration and providing a directory argument has been a long process. The deadline of January 1, 2023, is the biggest requirement of all cost....

The Road to Advocacy Begins with Technology: Personalized care in a world of technological innovation

Patient-centric care has been at the heart of discussions on the implementation of technology into healthcare. One such discussion took place at this year’s TPA Summit in St Louis...

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zakipoint Health and Vālenz® Health have partnered on the production of an eight-chapter video series, designed to reset expectations for what a health plan should be for employers and their employees. Titled “Rewriting the Book: The Health Plan of the Future,” the series spotlights zakipoint CEO Ramesh Kumar and  Valenz CEO Rob Gelb as together they offer insightful approaches, tools and resources for a reimagined health plan option that feels better – and operate more efficiently and effectively than what’s available today.

The partnership between Zakipoint Health Inc. and WLT Software Enterprises aims to revolutionize the healthcare analytics landscape by providing third-party administrators (TPAs) and health plans with an advanced analytics solution designed to optimize cost savings and improve healthcare outcomes.

Zakipoint Health Inc., a cutting-edge AI technology company with a mission to bring price transparency, direction, and personalization to healthcare consumers, is proud to announce the successful completion of a funding round by Ansley Capital and several industry veterans.

PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is working with zakipoint Health to help introduce an innovative new consumer engagement app to improve health navigation and price transparency--minimizing user friction while providing information at their fingertips.

Vālenz® Health announces a partnership with zakipoint Health as they introduce a fully integrated digital front door to care for self-insured employers and their members. Together, the two companies have created zConnect, a user-friendly mobile app that engages members and enhances access to key healthcare data — including cost and quality ratings, plan benefit details, comprehensive lists of in-network procedures and providers, and more

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