Our healthcare system is complex, costly, and wasteful. As a result, companies struggle with runaway healthcare costs with no way to manage them.

We believe companies and members deserve transparency and tools to make it simpler to understand and control their healthcare costs and find higher quality care.

We developed a best-in-class platform, reporting, and engagement tools to empower employers, benefits consultants, and third-party administrators to bend the cost curve.

Using our advanced technology, companies have reduced their healthcare risks by 20% and achieved a 3% cost savings on their healthcare spend.

We identify risks, drive action, connect with members, and track success, empowering companies to reduce risks and costs, and create healthier, more engaged members.


Our Executive Team

Our user experience culminates in a solution that simplifies managing healthcare

Our team's extensive experience in health IT, benefits design, population health, patient care, and user experience culminates

in a solution that simplifies managing healthcare, lowers costs, and delivers the best health outcomes for members.

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Ramesh Kumar


As CEO, Ramesh’s goal is to ensure that employers get maximum value from their healthcare spend and contain costs. He uses his deep entrepreneurial, technology, data science, and healthcare expertise to create solutions that are intuitive, backed by rigorous analyses, and deliver specific, actionable recommendations to lower costs.
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Bijay Ghimire


As CTO, Bijay’s expertise lies in creating technology that simplifies the complexity of managing and delivering healthcare. As head of the tech team, he uses his technology expertise and his healthcare data management experience to improve healthcare efficiency for both employers and members.

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